WOLTU SK028ws Bookcase, Standing Shelf with Drawers, Shelf with Door, Office Shelf, Storage Shelf for Living Room, Sleeping Room, White, 30 x 158 x 24 cm, SK028ws

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  • High quality and durable: made of melamine resin panels (E1) and equipped with a tilt protection on the back, the bookcase with door is stable and solid. The smooth surface is water resistant, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Maximum load: 40 kg
  • SPACE SAVING - For those who don't have enough space at home, this 158 cm high standing shelf is the perfect choice to make the most of every corner. It takes up very little space, but with the multi-layer design, offers plenty of room for your belongings
  • Versatile: thanks to its modern look and white colour, this piece of furniture is ideal as a bookcase or storage shelf in the living room, as a sideboard in the dining room, as a toy shelf in the children's room or as a filing shelf in the office
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - In order to avoid wasting your time with complicated or unnecessary assembly steps, we provide illustrated instructions and labelled accessories for easy installation

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