outdoor tool trolley, the trolley is the back-friendly garden aid when planting the bed, can hold up to 90 kg, seat height 29 cm

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  • Tool trolley: the trolley is also an ideal helper for car polishing or cleaning rims
  • Knee-friendly: whether you want to scrape out flower beds or joints - do your gardening work from now on your knees and more relaxed than before
  • Storage compartment: the inside of the roll seat box offers plenty of storage space and storage options for gloves and hand devices such as shovel, rake, hand brush and much more. The removable assortment insert is very suitable for small parts
  • Features: the garden trolley is made of sturdy plastic. The smooth-running wheels offer sufficient stability. Large storage compartment with approx. 14 L volume offers enough storage options. Maximum load 90 kg. Dimensions: 55 x 26 x 29 cm

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