120 Litres - 1 to 5 Bags - Premium Grade - Industrial Fabric and Handles - Heavy Duty Garden/Green Waste Bags (1 Bag)

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Size: 1 Stück (1er Pack)
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Size: 45 x 45 x 60 cm - 120 litres - Usable size for manual handling & car transport - Thickness: Thick, industrial high-performance fabric with 700 kg load handles - Fabric: Heavy 150 g/m² woven polypropylene - tear-resistant and puncture-proof with improved UV protection - Recyclability: garden bags can be fully recycled as they are under the category PP5 plastic Recycling drop - check your surroundings.

  • Thickness: thick industrial heavy duty fabric with 700 kg of strain lifting handles
  • Material: robust 150 g/m² woven polypropylene - tear and puncture resistant with improved UV protection
  • Use: Suitable for all types of garden waste, including sharp branches, heavy stones, wet grass, etc
  • Recyclability: Garden bags can be completely recycled as they fall under the PP5 plastic recycling category - check your surroundings

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