Transport Trolley & Garden Aid with Wheels - Heavy Duty Garden Trolley & Trolley in Green - Wheelbarrow Includes Accessories

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Westmann universal garden trolley, green, 56 x 40 x 104 cm.

The practical garden aid from Westmann creates order and supports when working in the garden and around the house.
Everything directly at hand: with two sturdy buckets for garden waste, the metal wreath for long-handled garden tools, as well as a tool strap for secateurs etc. The universal garden trolley saves not only working time, but also paths and is therefore the ideal assistant in the garden. Thanks to the tyres to be filled with air, the garden trolley can be easily and comfortably pulled through rough terrain. The sturdy steel frame and polyester tool strap ensure long service life. The plastic inserts can be easily removed from the garden trolley.

Features: - Metal bracket for long-handled garden tools.
- Small tool strap for clear storage.
- Tyres ideal for rough terrain.
- Practical garden aid.
- Easy to use.
- Can hold up to 40 kg.

Box contents: garden trolley.
- Tool bag.
- Two bins.

Dimensions of the two bins:

- Round container: 30 x 30 x 36 cm (L x W x H).
- Container square: 30 x 21 x 5 x 29.5 cm (L x W x H).

  • Quality: thanks to the air-filled tyres, the garden, transport or handcart can be easily pulled through all terrain and terrain. The coated steel frame ensures a very long service life and lots of fun in your garden
  • Hand cart set: the garden trolley includes tyre and frame, a tool bag made of high-quality polyester, each includes a rectangular and round bucket. Please note: the garden tools shown in the picture are not included!
  • Dimensions: the handcart is 40 cm long, 56 cm wide and 104 cm high. The weight of the garden trolley is 7 kg and supports you optimally when working in your garden or around your house
  • The special thing about this garden and hand trolley: up to 40 kg, small tool strap for clear storage, metal holder for long-handled garden tools, easy to use and a practical garden aid

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