Waterdrops Solar Irrigation System Complete Set Plant Watering with 15 Sprinklers

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The practical solar irrigation system automatically supplies your vegetable bed, potted and potted plants or your plants in the greenhouse with the required water from now on, battery-supported and independent of the mains supply. With the individually positionable drip outlets, you can water your plants directly on the soil, which minimises evaporation loss. The practical automatic system waters your plants 2 times a day via solar power - each morning and evening, triggered by the start and end of the charging process via the connected solar panel. Select how long the respective irrigation cycle should last, on the dial - between 30 seconds and 12 minutes, six levels can be adjusted. The compact pump housing of the Esotec plant irrigation system not only houses the battery and all ports, but also a practical drawer for accessories. The water is sucked by a metal sieve at the end of the inlet hose. Simply hang it in your water barrel, bucket or natural inlet with clear water. The included water level sensor protects against dry running, which turns off the pump if necessary and indicates this on the status brLED. The flexible irrigation hose can be easily cut to the required part lengths - depending on the desired inlet path and distance from plant to plant. The supplied solar panel can be easily aligned to the sun - a ground spike and a mounting base are available for this purpose. brTechnical data br - Crystal solar panel: 6 V, 1 Wp, br - NiMH battery: 3.6 V, 1200 mAh br - Pump: DC membrane pump, flow rate max. 26 l/h, discharge head up to 2 m br - automatic water delivery br sunrise and sunset - flow time: 30 s to 12 min. br - Flow rate: Maximum 14 l in 24 hbr - Mignon 3.6 V 1300 mAh br

  • Active Energy 20 V, Li-ion, 2.0 Ah, 36 Watt hours.
  • Output: 20V

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