2 Steps Grey | Stairs for Children | Learning Tower | Stockerl for Child & Baby Made of Wood | Footstool, Stool Children | Children's Stool for Girls & Boys

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  • Versatile: thanks to its timeless design, the child step stool can be used anywhere. As a children's chair in the kitchen or at the dining table. This helps ensure that your little ones are always involved. The staircase for children is a great all-rounder. The children’s tower grows with your children: as your child grows older, you can simply dismantle the upper part of the step stool and continue using it.
  • Features: promotes children’s confidence and balance. Suitable for children of walking age. The children's step / foot pedal is two-stage and ideal for any activity in the kitchen and for example, to bake together. The baby stool will delight both children and parents.
  • 90 kg load capacity: our baby stool can hold up to 90 kg (14 stone). You will receive a high quality children’s chair in white wood. The step stool is durable and 92.5 cm in height. Dimensions: Height: 92.5 cm. Width: 56 cm. Depth: 49 cm. Height of the lowest level: 24 cm. Height of the second, upper step: 45.5 cm, depth of the lower level: 15 cm. Length: 47.5 cm, depth of the second top step: 31 cm. Length: 41 cm.
  • Material and construction: the children’s stand is made from pine wood. The paint is food-safe and saliva-resistant in accordance with DIN EN 71-3. Everything needed to assemble the children’s step stool is included in the delivery. Cross pieces to improve stability. So you can start directly with the simple assembly and the baby stool is after approx. 10-15 minutes ready for use.

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