Stair Shaped Towel Rail with 3 Towel Rails as Elegant Bathroom Accessory for Natural Style Towels, Natural Towel Rack, White

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Style: Bundle with bamboo bathroom shelf
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Frequently Bought Together

  • Bamboo: towel stand made of durable bamboo – the moisture resistance of the towel rails is perfect for your bathroom – towels dry without hesitation
  • Three arms: mute servant with 3 descending poles - 3 arms at a distance of approx. 5 cm provide ideal ventilation - plenty of space for drying different textiles
  • Versatile: use the space-saving towel holder not only in the bathroom - in the kitchen the stand becomes a tea towel holder - the clothes butler also looks good in the bedroom
  • No drilling: no complicated assembly and no drilling - the towel holder is flexible and can be used anywhere - the narrow towel stand fits into any niche

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