Shower Basket with 2 Strong Adhesive Variations - Includes 2 Hooks and Razor Holder in Set

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  • Elegant and stylish – The luxurious shelf made of brushed stainless steel is 100% rust-proof and ensures a long service life. The water runs well through the openings in the base plate.
  • Order and cleanliness - The two additional flexible hooks and the very popular razor holder, create a tidy bathroom environment. Shampoos and shower gels are safely stored.
  • Versatile – The stainless steel shelf, can be used universally. Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, this shelf becomes an eye-catcher everywhere
  • Our brand promise - We are convinced of the quality of our shower shelf. Not satisfied? Then you get your money back within the first 30 days. Write to . Satisfied customers are very important to us

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